Thank you for giving our business a peek.

We are SPARK MOTION Body Studios — an exercise/bodywork hub. We are wellness providers that create positive and impactful experiences with our clients. It has been my surprise, joy, love and sometimes pain to create this studio in our area… READ MORE

Our teachers are committed to serving others through their work. Our work is movement-beautiful, balanced and  biomechanically sound. We use this work to understand better, love, and connect to the vitality within ourselves and those we work with. MEET THEM

“I have been in your studio for over 10 years now. I can’t find the words to say how much it has kept me fit and able to enjoy life. I am 74 years old and looking forward to many more years working with you.”

– Jody Colby | Pilates Student



This work is invaluable. As someone who does the work and shares the work through teaching and stewarding for our studio and its community, I...

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