Our Approach is Rooted in Joseph H. Pilates Original Exercises

We offer Pilates training that is rooted in the traditional work of Joseph H. Pilates and embraces the ingenuity of contemporary thinking.We do teach and use the original exercises of Joseph Pilates and the tools he created to develop our client’s unique workouts.Our sessions in Pilates are either full equipment workouts with the Reformers, Towers, High, Wunda or Baby Arm Chairs, Barrels and/or Mat work-the non- equipment full body workout developed by Joseph Pilates in 1929. You can read more about Joseph Pilates’ life here.

The Pilates Method itself is a system of exercises that develop core strength, agility, the ability to connect through the primary control (spine, nervous system, brain) and develop the limbs from that primary support.


The Many Benefits of Pilates

Benefits of Pilates sessions include mental focus, increased abilities for adaptability and resilience in mind and body, coordination of movement in the body, the knowledge of internal actions that create stability and balance motion though the body, strength (ability to absorb load/ force and distribute evenly without breaking something), breath use, release of natural endorphins, and learning self care tools.


Our Teachers

Our teaching artists have explored the world of Pilates as dynamically supportively life needs. You can read more about the special trainings on each teacher’s bio. Our style within the studio is systematic, integrative, compassionate and creative.


Areas of Specialty

Our areas of special study include: orthopedic work, Prenatal/Post Natal training, Pilates for Runner’s conditioning -and others. We offer clients with these needs a thorough and supportive approach with transitions to other workouts as their needs change. You can read more about the special trainings on each teacher’s bio.


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