Xtensions is meant to serve our clients needs of staying connected to the studio and
its community during times of travel/personal need keeps them from being in person.

Who can benefit:

Clients who are traveling longer term and do not want the obligation of
keeping an appointment on the schedule.

Clients who live long distance to the studio and cannot match our
current Open level class schedule.

Clients who simply want to add another workout to their week but
need the practice time to fit where it works.

Clients who are looking to build a home workout routine and
offset with sessions to check in for personal feedback.

We love our in person sessions and know from the Covid experience that it is crucial to have these experiences
for not just feedback but for human connection. That is why we are so excited to expand our services and fill this need.
Things change but relationships that are healthy and mutual can simply expand to thrive. Many of our clients have
trusted us for well over 10-15 years now for their movement practices and physical training.
We are committed to supporting our relationships over distance and time.

Thank you for investing in yourself through the work and in our business for your ongoing support.


Pilates Mat Bundle of 10 sessions- $200 -10 -50 min sessions

Minis 15 -20 min sessions in a variety of themes/areas   $15 per

Post Natal -Restore your Core workouts $100 for 5 sessions

Pilates for Runners – a cross training for runners program $150 —
10 videos all together lead by instructor Kelly Mroz.