What to expect?

At your first session you will experience an introduction to our studio and how we work with people. Our teachers will focus on getting to know you, your strengths, your concerns about health and exercise, any restrictions or movement tendencies that interfere with your natural abilities.You will need to register for classes and complete business items, contact info, payment, health history prior to attending your first lesson.

Ready to start? Please register on our site and look for a message from us to set up a short phone call from a teacher to discuss your session type. If you don’t hear from us in 48 hours please email and we will hustle. Our studio is a high quality, small operation. When our staff is not on site with clients many of us are caregivers with multi-generational families. Thank you for treating us like humans.

For class, you will need to dress in work out clothing, leaving your shoes at the door. Feel free to wear socks if that makes you more comfortable.

After your workout, drink plenty water, ask questions and keep track of how you feel.

Pilates and GYROTONIC® classes offer a whole body workout. You may experience some mild soreness or tenderness in unused muscle groups. If you have concerns, please share them with your teacher. You can reach your teacher directly via their email listed on their info page.​

Do I need to make an appointment for classes?

Yes, it helps. All though our open level group classes can accommodate the most attendance, we do make schedule adjustments based on attendance. We need to know in advance that you would like to attend and also if you have to cancel, please view our cancelation policies.

I have injuries, can I still do this?

If your injury is recent we may require a doctor’s clearance to begin Pilates. If your injury is pre-existing, this work may be the thing you need. A refreshed strong connection to your body’s core works wonders in many ways. We will honor the injuries you have while challenging you appropriately. We also have the ability to work along side your physical therapist and assist a transition out of therapy into cross training for your life’s needs.

I have done Pilates and/or GYROTONIC® classes before, do I still need to do the Intro sessions?

Not always. If you plan on being in our studio as an active regular client, we do suggest doing the introductory sessions to enable us to become familiar with you and your body. If you would like to go into small group semi-privates, a private session is necessary. If you are a healthy, active person and do not wish to take a private, then the non-equipment sessions (Pilates Mat or GYROKINESIS® classes) are ideal.

How do you book a semi and how do you book an open level class?

The booking of semiprivate sessions are done internally through contacting the studio/or its staff. There are certain prerequisites for safety and technique to experience before joining a semi.  For new clients, It is easiest to contact the studio via email and let us know of your requested days/times.  If you are already an active client, book your semis here ( search engine for mind body) or if you are in the studio, just jot a note on the desk clipboard.

To Book an open level class- simply register and sign up for class here.

Why does the studio run groups this way?

A few reasons. Through experience we have tried different models throughout the past 15 years. Some worked, some did not. A semi allows for a group to work all aspects of the exercise method they are learning and focus on the types of equipment that bests rounds out their bodies.

Each of the tools within an exercise method works on a variety of skills and diverse types of feedback. We run our groups so that our clients can experience the richness and creativity within the method. The adaptability of the systems alone is wonderful and applicable to our health and people every day. No body is perfect and no body is exactly the same. Our teachers are committed to helping clients learn how they need to move in order to receive the best benefit from the work.

Why does Pilates and GYROTONIC® workouts cost more than other types of exercise?

Multiple reasons.

  1. The educational process to make a well rounded and versatile teacher in this work is quite extensive. A starting level Pilates certification program commitment is around 800 hours of time and costs between $3500-$5000. A GYROTONIC® teacher has committed 1.5-2 years of time, cost and effort to do even Level 1 at an investment more than $5000. You are working with movement education professionals, not simply someone taking you through exercises. We are trained to transform bodies and create change.
  2. The equipment we use in these methods is specialized and built to last a lifetime.
  3. Quality, personalized education and experiences.
  4. Teaching is how our teachers make their livelihood. The price of these lessons is comparable to other health, wellness or artistic professionals.
What is the difference between sessions and open level group?

Sessions are Privates or Semi-Privates, up to 4 people. Open level group is non-equipment and taught with progressive challenges and rhythms. These are fabulous workouts, but not for clients who are more fragile.

What if I can't make my scheduled session?

Please contact the studio asap to let us know and reschedule. Late cancellations for any type of class, Private, SemiPrivate are when cancelled under 24 hours notice. Out of respect for the teachers and other students, you will be charged the full rate for a late cancellation (under 24 hours notice). An early cancel is outside of the 24 hours and can be rescheduled at no cost to you.

Do I need to have a partner to book a semi-private?

No. When you are ready to join a semi-private we can help build this for you, with times that work best for you and other clients at similar levels.

What is the difference between Pilates and yoga?

Pilates and yoga have similar goals but approach training from different perspectives. Pilates creates stability and strength first before challenging range of motion in the body. Pilates begins lying down on the mat and finishes standing. Pilates restores the natural curvature and strength of the spine. The pace of Pilates is typically different than yoga.

Why can’t I see open semis on the open level schedule?

They are scheduled by appointment- online booking is available once you are an active client with us. If you are a client traveling from another studio, simply reach out and let us know your request for days/times.For your convenience, we publish our weekly openings email every Sunday to view a list of open duets and semis times.  To get on this list for open semis each week, sign up here.

Why does the price vary between duets and semis?

Simply put, you get what you see, hear and feel.

Our teachers are there to help you really learn how it feels and how to do. We specialize in helping our clients transform their bodies and really learn these tools for self-care. The small group format of 2-4 people when using the equipment allows for the teacher to hone in on the appropriate challenge point for each person in the session. Not too hard, not too easy, just right is the name of the game for learning and change of our body.

I want to take everything! How do I maximize my time in the studio?

Great. We love it too! Start with your intros to make the time most productive, then in that process the teacher will help craft your schedule.Long term, our clients love to mix and match sessions and teachers to make their dreams happen. It’s all possible.