At Spark Motion Body Studio our philosophy is simple. We believe that movement is a conduit for personal empowerment. It serves as a portal to the source of your vitality,directly supporting life itself.

Our studio environment is calm and non-judgmental. We cultivate a space and hand pick a staff that offers support and guidance to your discovery of balanced health and motion. Whether you are new to the journey or a seasoned athlete, our teachers can offer a workout or therapeutic session that is on point for your needs today but expands you to what is possible.

Motion and Bodywork serve us as a way to discover the often hidden or un tapped resources within your body.

As educators, we are dedicated to providing you with how, what and why-accurate information and clear feedback about your body.

As trainers, we are committed to going deeper and avidly study in our fields- not just continuing education but present an ever evolving skill set as practitioners.

As a community, we are committed to thoughtful interactions and loving, supportive relationships.

It is our experience that this approach leads you to cultivate self- awareness, confidence, discipline and love. This makes for a balanced,engaged, expressive human who makes thoughtful choices. It really would make the world a better place if we all took class and took care of our bodies.

We look forward to meeting you and working together. We encourage you to read about the various sessions we offer and our team’s stories. Feel free to reach out to a teacher directly if their story or skill set speaks to you. Please contact the studio via email or phone with any questions about our work.Joining sessions in the studio is a simple way to enhance athletic performance or put yourself on the path to greater health.

Founder’s Message

Thank you for giving our business a peek.

We are Spark Motion Body Studios –an exercise/bodywork hub. We are wellness providers that create positive and impactful experiences with our clients.

It has been my surprise, joy, love and sometimes pain to create this studio in our area. I am a daughter, sister, artist, wife, mother, athlete, and teacher and bring all of this love to our clients and teachers. Motion has always saved me- from my own habits of mis- use or neglect. Our studio is moving into a new era of biomechanics with Pilates and loving the clarity- the expansion and access to more systems of health with GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® and collaborative relationships with some of the area’s best healers. The range of experiences in the studio now are so fun, so engaging, so cool…..it truly is a place where you can learn, discover, experiment and belong if you want to move well or move better or move again. There is a time and place for all types of motion, whether it is restful and restorative, energizing, expansive or stabilizing.

After 16 years of being The Pilates Center of Pittsburgh, we renamed our studio to Spark Motion. SPARK was chosen because within each of us is a SPARK. Your unique voice, way you move, way you express and live in the world is a real thing. I have always known the Pilates method is something people need and I need it too. But along my path as an educator and one who facilities experiences for others, I have always benefited from different perspectives. Wellness and fitness, your health, is not a straight and narrow path. Even if someone thinks that way, it really is not. The path is curvy, winding, sometimes, up hill, down hill, sometimes bends, arcs and circles.

I am humbled,excited and curious to see where we can go together. I hope you can join me. The studio is a fun place to be that provides solutions for basic needs we all have in gorgeous, creative ways. Come move with us. It will be worth it I promise.

The art of moving/exercise involves much more than biomechanics and technique. It involves this along with energy, spirit and vitality. A huge dose of soul. You can find that in every session we offer at Spark Motion.


“I was new to Pilates when I timidly started with a mat class at the Pilates Center of Pittsburgh more out of curiosity to discover what Pilates was about. That was about 4 years ago and I have not missed a week since I began training with Lesley. Since I was an avid bicyclist, walker, yogi, and part time weight lifter, it took me quite some time to figure Pilates out. Lesley understood it would take some time for me to catch on and become a fan. Her patience and support made it possible. I appreciate all of the teachers at the studio. I am no longer in constant pain from my lower back, I hold myself different, and I am stronger and more flexible. Thank you Pilates Center of Pittsburgh.”

– BJ Hirschfield Louik | Testimonial


Our teachers are committed to serving others through their work.

Our work is movement-beautiful, balanced and biomechanically sound.

We use this work to understand better, love, and connect to the vitality within ourselves and those we work with.


Our  staff is comprised of inspired, responsible individuals who not only strive for excellence in their work but use movement or bodywork to create holistic health programs that produce effective results. To truly move well; not only looking great and feeling great but honestly move through life with fluid ease. We look for talented teachers that think outside of the box and approach teaching as a service to others.

If interested in joining our teaching team please contact Lesley at the studio.