Lesley Davenport


​​Lesley Davenport is from Marietta, Ohio and moved to Pittsburgh to attend Point Park University. Upon graduation from PPU with a BA in Dance,she freelanced throughout the greater Pittsburgh region gathering as much experience teaching and performing as possible. Teaching won out as a livelihood during these early years and she discovered Pilates, the GYROKINESIS® method, Alexander Technique, and bodywork all within a relatively short time period.

I was struck by the combination of elements in the studio world. There was a place for healing,  invigoration, strengthening and also space for a spiritual practice. I fell in love with the work and my path as an athlete, artist and teacher began to shift and reflect the changes I was experiencing in studio life.

“Chronic back spasms and low spine, hip pain took me to Pilates class. With a steady Pilates routine I was able to correct many issues and in turn it gave me a pain free, capable, happy body.” I was able to perform until my oldest child was three with the support of these body work methods. After my second child was heading to school, I began to crave something else and yearned for the freedom of motion and expression that I remembered in my 20’s. I added GYROKINESIS® classes and GYROTONIC® workouts to my motion life and knew it was time to say yes to the teacher path for that work. During 2019 -2020 this new world opened up to me as a teacher and we began to build a GYROTONIC® program here in Pittsburgh.

It became her work to create a supportive environment for teachers and clients. Her certifications include Core Dynamics, Power Pilates, and Women’s Center for Fitness Prenatal and Postnatal Certificate. GYROKINESIS® Method and GYROTONIC® METHOD Level 1.

A creator at heart, Lesley is responsible for launching many area Pilates movement and wellness programs and opened the original studio of Pilates Center of Pittsburgh in 2006. She stays inspired by creativity as a lifestyle,consistent practice,exploring other forms of movement, loving people in her life, and continuing education.

She lives in Bethel Park,PA with her husband Michael and young children.


Main interests

  • Exploring the work we teach and diving deeper into these practices
  • Nature -Hiking, biking, and camping with my family
  • Parenting and family -parenting authentically and loving my family
  • Art- creation and expression through various mediums
  • Faith and Spiritual


My mission is to create positive movement experiences for my students. I love to help them discover what is possible without pain or strain.

Lesley teaches

Pilates Method privates and groups
Pre and Post Natal Sessions Privates and groups

Email is lesley@sparkmotionbody.com