Casual Conversations with Erin Simon

Lymphatic Magic: 
What is your lymph system? How can you maximize it for improved immunity, better weight loss, detox and reducing edema and inflammation? Join lymphatic therapist Erin Simon as she presents the what, why and how of simple tips and lifestyle changes for bumping up the effectiveness of this system. 

Time: 6:30 pm
Date: Friday, January 20, 2023

Buddy Week ongoing this year 2023

Buddy Weeks: Jan. 9-14 and Feb 13-18

How it will work: 

One week of a month in the studio we will be available to “buddies”. A buddy can attend any session in the studio for free that week. A buddy needs to be someone who has never worked with us before as a consistent client. This is a one time ticket for a buddy to try class with no cost involved. The buddy will need to complete our regular studio process for registering for classes (health intake, liability, goal questionnaire). Then, book a class or be scheduled in with you.

The nitty gritty: Any session will work for this. If your buddy has strong orthopedic concerns and is non active in their lifestyle, we suggest a duet (instead of semi or group non-equipment class) for them. We will ask you to take the buddy’s intro session with them for morale and enjoy a nice refresher in your foundational work.