HOW DO I? Series

Many times it is not the task itself that causes our body and mind stress, it’s how we handle it. I.E. what choices we make during that activity or tasks. Join Carolyn and Lesley for an interactive series where we provide motion solutions for a variety of life’s tasks. We will cover working to athletics to life needs. Please send in your questions and prepare to have fun.

Submit your questions this month to us. You can do this by submitting your questions in person (slips of paper at studio), emailing us, posting on our page via FB and Instagram. What ever way is easiest for you. We look forward to collaborating on this fun series.

Go to “Book a Session” under Group. Scroll to the end of the class listings.

Time: TBA
Date: March – June, 2023

March Matness

What is March Matness? It’s a monthlong Mat-a-thon honoring Joseph Pilate’s original Mat work. Join the celebration at Spark to up your mat game! Follow us on Instagram for details.

What is March Matness

Time: TBA
Date: March (all month), 2023


I cannot jump anymore, you say. Then this class will gently, yes gently rebuild that sequence of motion and support through the body. All in a way that does not hurt your ankles, knees or hips or back. Enter the jumpboard, a wonderful addition to a Pilates practice. Join Christin L. as she takes you through a jumpboard sequence and you learn how to do some new or forgotten things.

Time: 2:00 pm
Date: March 17, 2023

Achieving Balance and Coordination with Dr. Hailey Steinhauser

Have you found your coordination changing over the years?
Have you realized that it’s difficult to balance in certain positions?
Do you ever feel uncoordinated in your movements?

Come join an interactive chat with Dr. Hailey Steinhauser, local chiropractor, as we dive into the topic of balance and coordination. You will leave the chat with go-to movements and exercises that will sharpen your brain-body connection and allow your balance and coordination to improve so you can feel secure and stable in your body.

Dr. Hailey will be joining our wellness network and is offering a $20 discount on your first chiropractic visit at Healthy Habit Studio. If you would like to get in touch with her to ask questions about your particular needs or to book an appointment, you can call/text 412-436-9065 or visit her website for more information:

Time: 6:30 pm- 8:00 pm
Date: March 24, 2023