Buddy Week ongoing this year 2022

How it will work: 

One week of a month in the studio we will be available to “buddies”. A buddy can attend any session in the studio for free that week. A buddy needs to be someone who has never worked with us before as a consistent client. This is a one time ticket for a buddy to try class with no cost involved. The buddy will need to complete our regular studio process for registering for classes (health intake, liability, goal questionnaire). Then, book a class or be scheduled in with you.

The nitty gritty: Any session will work for this. If your buddy has strong orthopedic concerns and is non active in their lifestyle, we suggest a duet (instead of semi or group non-equipment class) for them. We will ask you to take the buddy’s intro session with them for morale and enjoy a nice refresher in your foundational work.

Spark in the Wild

Please join us this summer for a weekly workout in South Park. Our “Spark in the Wild” Summer series. We will bring the best of our studio work outside and the beauty of nature will be our backdrop. At the very least, nature can refresh and fuel our bodies , minds and spirits in unexpected ways. Combine the elements that nature provides with such soulful work as in the Pilates Method and GYROKINESIS ® classes and you have a potent combination.

New client friendly, the sessions will offer appropriate challenges to attendees. We don’t recommend these sessions for clients with orthopedic issues who have not worked with us prior.

The series will run for 6 weeks and is drop -in friendly as the classes are themed. We have permission this summer to work in various places throughout the park. The teacher will confirm the meet up location with class roster 24 hours prior to class.

We would love to celebrate summer with you.

Week 1 June 20 Summer Solstice – Revive your senses with a summer solstice celebration
Week 2 June 27 Your Roots 1 – The beginnings – Lower abdominals
July 4 No classes in the Park
Week 3 July 11 Your Roots 2 – Lower abdominals through lower system of hips, legs, ankles and feet
Week 4 July 18 Open Up! Hips – Focus on learning how to open a joint and develop even strength around and within an area of the body. Not a stretching class- More like an agility class with a nice strong take home.
Week 5 July 25 Open Up! Shoulders – Shoulders can be confusing but don’t have to be. We will strengthen our shoulders and learn how to access some hidden strength our bodies have here that help our upper body stay lifted and open.
Week 6 Aug. 1 R and R – Release and Renew- Release is necessary for the soft tissue areas of our body to function fully.