Our studio offers classes in both the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® and the GYROKINESIS® Method.  GYROKINESIS® classes are the non-equipment class work and involves a stool and/or mat and occasional props.


How it Works

The GYROKINESIS® Method consists of a series of movements that flow from one to the next, focusing on strength, balance, and flexibility.

GYROKINESIS® exercise session includes self-massage and breathwork to wake up the body. From there groups of exercises to nourish and move the spine and hips in various directions. We curl, arch, spiral, bend and move in circular ways.  After that, the exercises proceed to work on balanced joint function in the hips, knees, and ankles, shoulders, arms, wrists, etc. The class develops to seated and lying exercises where the client puts in all together- culminating the work done earlier in the session.


Benefits of the GYROKINESIS® Method

Develop Advanced Movement Skills

The GYROKINESIS® Method offers people advanced movement skills. Every system in the body gets attended to during the session.

Replenish Energy Stores

Simply put, It is invigorating without draining you of energy. The session can replenish your energy stores for the day and builds stamina in mind and body simultaneously.

Improve Range of Motion

For clients who want to maintain or improve the quality and range of motion in their bodies, this system offers a solution for that need. The GYROKINESIS®  Method also offers a different access point for clients to work on their internal support (their core) and develop an exercise program that enhances their need for vitality and wholeness.

Establish a State of Calm

A body freed from nervous tensions offers a house that is capable and calm. When that shift occurs through the GYROKINESIS® Method, the mind is focused and relaxed.

Nourish the Whole Self

Our body is the house of the soul and mind. The GYROKINESIS® Method provides a way to exercise in a way that respects the needs of the whole body.


The GYROKINESIS® Method teaches the path of movement in such a purely natural way that when applied, a client can move beyond limitations and experience movement as joy and freedom. The global picture around the work we do in the studio is to offer client’s the experience of moving well so that it transfers to their life outside of the studio. The stewardship and rejuvenation in that exchange can heal people and transfer to those that live, work and love them.  Movement beyond the limitations of the body is a real experience for those who practice the GYROKINESIS® Method.

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