On-Demand Course + Coaching


Bridging the practices of pilates and running for runners or those who aspire to be.

The story behind the course…

We all know that getting enough cardiovascular exercise is tricky. We need something that stimulates our heart and lungs but does not ruin our joints or throw us into a flare of some sort. I know this firsthand. Although I am dedicated to my movement practices and rarely miss an opportunity to use them, I frequently put other types of movement on my rear priority list. They just don’t feel as good to my body that the studio work does – or at least, that was the case before Kelly Mroz joined our teaching team in fall 2018. At the time, Kelly was training for a marathon and we’d often find ourselves discussing the discoveries she was making by combining the studio work with running. Her joy was contagious and I grew to see that this had to be shared. 

Pilates for Runners is the result of our collaboration. Her enthusiasm and kindness takes you through the process of learning the right form to run safely, with minimum wear and tear on the body. Kelly’s gifts along with this coursework makes running feel good again – even for me!

Your purchase will include: 

Intro video: The plan – what, why and how we will work with you explained in clear steps.

The Lessons: The information – as if the teacher is in the room with you. The lessons include the following topics: stability and alignment, freedom of movement, strength, power and recovery.

The Workouts: The fluid workouts – designed to practice what you learned in the 5 lessons above.

The Coach: 3 meetings with the teacher – An initial session to kick-off your training and two additional meetings while you are completing the course to answer questions, share additional insights and help through the tough stuff.

The Extras: Supplemental material – little bits and pieces that help your running.

Ready to get started? 



Become an active client in our studio.
Fill out the form on our Start Here page if you are new.


Purchase the course from the link below or while in the studio.
Once the link loads use the search bar on the right side of the ticket to add “Pilates for Runners.”


We will contact you post-purchase and send the initial materials to get started with.


Your teacher will be in touch to set up your initial meeting. Once that first meet happens we will send lessons 3, 4, and 5 and the supplemental to your email.

Any questions? Please contact the studio.

We are looking forward to working with you and can’t wait to see what we can