Bodywork Services with Carolyn Johnston

We all cycle through times when we need to restore ourselves; our bodies, minds and souls need mending and healing. We collaborate with area bodyworkers, Alexander Technique, myofascial release, and massage to bring trusted providers to our clients.  Our talented bodywork team is comprised of various modalities including the Alexander Technique, Structural Integration and massage therapy. All practitioners are licensed and stay current in their work. Please read our team bios to learn more about each practitioner’s areas of expertise.

Bodywork sessions are ideal for clients with an acute injury to assist soft tissues in healing and creating stability across the structures of the body. Bodywork sessions can be extremely effective in assisting clients post surgery, aiding the body in re-establishing healthy movement patterns; or for clients getting to the root of a nagging physical complaint or issue.

Do to the specific nature of this work, not all bodywork sessions are available in our main studio in Mt. Lebanon but some occur in our satellite location in Carnegie, PA with Sarah Zielinski.  Interested?

Please contact the teacher directly with questions regarding these services.

Carolyn Johnston- AT
Sarah Zielinski LMT