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Our event is changing and evolving in ways to keep up with the current times of our studio and its community.

During 2024 we are looking to join up with and form a collective of studio owners, teachers and enthusiasts who want to create an annual gathering for our local Pittsburgh community of movers and shakers in movement arts and education. This has always been a wonderful event over 8 years which creates bridges between various teachers and studio owners in our region.

If this speaks to you and you want to get involved please reach out to Lesley directly at

At this time, we will pause our annual gathering at Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre until a new collective is organized and ready to go again.

If you have attended, sponsored or been part of this event in the past, a hearty hug and thank you! We love our creation and want to see it continue on in the future, but know it’s time to re-design it.

This event inspires and directs attendees to add a movement component to their health routines. Hundreds of individuals have learned the importance role Pilates can play in their wellness regiment here at our event.