Exercise is not meant to be punishment!

Exercise was not designed to be a form of punishment. There, I said it.

I truly believe that when it comes to exercise, the way that we talk about it and think about it determines the results we receive from it. However, I’ve observed that exercise brings out a lot of negativity in us.

As someone whose business and career is dedicated to movement, I am no exception. I have pushed hard beyond the breaking points (as someone who thrives in the face of a challenge, this can mean walking a fine line). I’ve taken classes or stayed with wrong-fit teachers because it was the expectation. I’ve ignored my needs and my inner knowing, in order to just “get it done.”

In many cases, this approach to movement is fueled by negative self talk, which brings about its own set of limitations. For many of us, healthy exercise or supporting our body with movement in order to feel strong and agile is beyond our experience thus far. We simply don’t know what it is like to wake up and not ache somewhere – much less feel the joy that comes from our body moving in harmony like a fine tuned orchestra.

As you begin your next exercise session, pay attention to your internal dialogue. Are we adding in our own internal “peanut gallery” comments between the teacher’s cues or feedback in a session? Are we choosing “need to dos’” over “want to dos” or “my body would like to do” each day?

I’ve learned that exercise can be a form of play! It can bring out your creativity and curiosity. It can also serve as an expression of self-love, which then radiates to others within a group setting or between a coach and client. When we share in the experience of movement, we witness transformation. There is a shift of our physical, mental and spiritual state from the time that we begin a session to its completion.

…and you deserve to experience this as often as possible.

Thinking negatively about your body, your abilities and your gifts is selling short the beautiful creation that you are. We all are designed to move and experience the joy of flow! I encourage you to re-evaluate your approach to movement and explore how different types of movement can bring out the feelings of energy, joy, creativity and release. This is the secret treasure inside of you. What jewels will you find today?