Introducing The GYROTONIC Expansion System®

We have exciting news in the studio! Here’s what it means and how you can take advantage.

In October 2020, we purchased a new piece of equipment in the studio and thought you would appreciate if we shed some light upon why and the process that is happening to bring this work home to our studio. We purchased our first piece in The GYROTONIC Expansion System® – A Pulley Tower. Sarah Zielinski and I began the teacher training process for this work in Feb. 2021.

The teacher training process for this is organized differently than for the Pilates Method. In comprehensive Pilates trainings the various tools (equipment in a studio setting) are included in the training and teachers are instructed to use the tools simultaneously. Training for the Pilates Method begins with “foundational.” work. From there, one progresses into more intricate challenges and develops complications to the set of “foundational” work. Levels are organized and offered to teachers in order to communicate an understanding of how to systematically layer the movement skills and build a client’s body and mind in an organic, cohesive manner. 

In the GYROTONIC Expansion System® the teacher training process separates each of the main equipment pieces as well as the non-equipment work, the GYROKINESIS® classes. 

The GYROTONIC Expansion System® includes a pulley tower, the gyrotoner, a jumping stretching board, an archway, a ladder. You can view the video below to learn more of the history and see all the pieces. 

There are also parallels in these systems regarding teacher training. In both types of exercise classes, the non equipment sequences arrived first in the creators minds. From those beginnings, equipment was created and designed to help a student learn how to do the movement or  even to expand movement choices you have.We are very lucky to have 2 open level GYROKINESIS® Method classes in our weekly offerings because they build a base of reference for students.It  can make the equipment more effective when used for a client. Same is true for our Pilates mat classes. When a client takes mat classes they get such strength in their bodies that the equipment helps them problem solve certain things and build a new level of precision and range through the body. They are both important session types in building your workout.

We wanted you to know why it matters.

In our studio, we recognize the diverse needs and interests of our clients. Moving in different ways is important because not one way works for us all of the time. There is not a straight and narrow path to moving well and being healthy. Including this exercise method in our studio offerings provides our clients with diverse movement choices and broader perspectives.

We need equipment because we all have ways we like to move, whether or not it is good for us. It makes all the difference in the world to have feedback to our body. A gentle feeling of traction, a press into the backs of our legs, the curve of a strap and a coach to teach you how to move around your hip, knee and ankle joints does make a difference in the results you get from exercise. One of my favorite sequences already are the handles on the Pulley Tower to do spinal motions. Spinal motions include arching, curling, rotations, and side arching. When you use the tower you place your hands on handles and use actions of pulling and pressing to unblock areas of the spine that are restricted or stiff. The section literally gives you the experience of fluidity and motion as well as an open, free spine.

Sarah and I will begin apprentice teaching on the Pulley tower around mid April. We are beyond blessed and jazzed to share this transformative work with you. Some of the fruits of our experience has been:

  • an authentic centering of self
  • a gentle world of opportunity within one’s body
  • a challenge
  • humbling
  • excitement
  • a deep dive into movement possibilities
  • a meditative movement practice that oozes into the way we desire to live our lives.
  • fun time spent in sparkles with community and each other 

Moving in a group of people in a fluid rhythmical manner could solve the worlds problems. It is something really special to flow in a group and develop your personal practice of the work.This work is really self care- at the deepest level of your spirit. It opens your perspective and allows you to move past your limitations or areas where you need a little help. 

The discipline and endurance building of the showing up to our practices.  Trusting the showing up process and the little “ah-ha” moments  come when we least expect.  We are at a time globally where I think we are experiencing the burnout season of coming up on a year of this pandemic.  But we have the tools and the opportunities around us to overcome.  Just keep moving through with our best. Sure that looks different each day, but we are still movin’.

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