Spark Motion: Why Choose Us?

How do I answer this question in just a few words?

Integrity comes to mind…we are wholly committed to showing up and following through with your training and experience. We operate an environment that is safe, clean and non-judgmental. During Covid we saw the need to keep our physical space available instead of transferring our work to virtual as a main source of income due to the fuller experience an in person session allows. We do virtual work upon a client by client base to ensure that the session type is supporting what the client’s needs are and matches where they are.

Choose us because we are thoughtful and see the world as artists. There are consequences of all of our choices and we thoughtful to advise, guide and teach in acknowledgment of those consequences.

Our experience in the work- We have been teaching Pilates since 2002 and have seen it rise and fall a few cycles already- each decade has flurry of awareness about it. The staff here is hand picked by not only skill but demonstrating personal commitment to teaching from a place of service. We also pick staff that demonstrate a commitment to exploring the work, going deeper into their practice and application of this work and their professional development. That makes for a team of teachers where the accountability level is very high.

Choose Us because we are low drama, invested in the session experience and our equipment and training. Not in an over priced space with an under qualified or just good enough staff. Our staff is over qualified and our space is simple.

Choose Us because we offer a variety of modalities -each complimentary to one another and shedding light upon aspects of our whole body whole person health. Health is not just a physical experience, but a mental and emotional one also. Our program options blend together for a diverse diet that is somehow balanced and complete on its own. Sometimes a session type will “talk to” a client more than another, Pilates over Gyro, over Alex or Massage therapy, each of the modalities we offer can be developed into their own practices and exist independently. Many clients love to mix and match session types and train with a variety of staff members because of our professional blend and cohesive curriculum within the diverse options. A fuller spectrum of training.

You can grow here. Through the years our clients stay .

Yours in Motion,
Lesley Davenport
Spark Motion Body Studio Owner