Created by Juliu HorvathGYROKINESIS® system of exercises is designed to help a person move beyond their limitations. The exercises feel like a combination of swimming, dancing, tai chi, yoga, calisthenics movements, but are unique to this system. The exercises are done on a stool, a mat on the floor and standing up.

Mr. Horvath was a gifted movement artist and athlete whose career was ended abruptly when he ruptured his Achilles tendon. He re-directed himself to a study of yoga and meditation practices and began having “profound energetic experiences.  From here, he moved to St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands and lived for six years laying the foundation of what became the GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® practices. He discovered the body’s ability to heal from within and bring balance to its systems. He returned to New York and began working with dancers at his original White Cloud Studio.He also set start to creating the equipment that became used in the GYROTONIC® method. Today he teaches breath and rejuvenation courses for his teachers.


What’s the difference between GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS®?


The difference between the GYROKINESIS® Method and the GYROTONIC® Method is the apparatus. The GYROKINESIS® exercise will use the stool, mat and your own body. The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® uses a Tower and various pieces of equipment to teach and show the body how to move. Both sessions are full of breath work, rhythmical and fluid movements.

GYROKINESIS® exercise session includes self-massage and breathwork to wake up the body.From there, there are groups of exercises to nourish and move the spine and hips in various directions. We curl, arch, spiral, bend and move in circular ways. After that, the exercises proceed to work on balanced joint function in the hips, knees and ankles, shoulders, arms, wrists, etc. The class develops to seated and lying exercises where the client puts it all together- culminating the work done earlier in the session.

Similar to the function of our apparatus in the Pilates method, the GYROTONIC® Method apparatus serves as feedback and support to the user. Movements can then be done more evenly or resistant areas of the body can be freed up to move better.

Simply put, GYROKINESIS® Method offers people advanced movement skills. Every system in the body gets attended to during the session. It is invigorating without draining you of energy. The session can replenish your energy stores for the day. Also important, remember what we said in the beginning…GYROKINESIS® and GYROTONIC® Methods offer you a way to move beyond limitations in the body. For clients who want to maintain or improve the quality range of motion in their bodies, this system offers a solution for that need. The GYROKINESIS® Method also offers a different access point for clients to work on their internal support (their core) and develop an exercise program that enhances their need for vitality and wholeness.


Why People Love It

In addition to the advanced movement and energetic lift mentioned earlier, there are several important mental benefits. Our body is the house of the soul and mind. We are all interconnected beings. Why would we exercise in a way that does not respect the needs of the whole body?

A body freed from nervous tensions offers a house that is capable and calm. When that shift occurs, the mind is focused, relaxed and calm. A relaxed mind is capable of being creative and resourceful. It automatically helps you solve problems. The opposite is an anxious mind.  Anxiety is the worst use of our imaginations. The mind within that body becomes reactive instead of responsive. When the body and mind have a clear route of communication happening that person can make choices that are in alignment with their core beliefs.

It’s a chain effect or full circle if you prefer the image. If you address the needs of the body, the mind follows and directs itself in an authentic way. If the mind is making choices that align with your core beliefs then a stronger relationship with your soul becomes available.

Does the GYROKINESIS® exercise class and the GYROTONIC® Method sound appealing to you? Contact us to give it a try here.

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