Taking a Tower Pilates Class

Tower is Pilates most popular class. It offers a very work-out experience, one which our society has come to know as “Oh I got a good workout” because in Tower class, you move every part of your body.

Students love it because it is well balanced, and has the feel of the full practice session in the Pilates Method. Plus it’s a great workout!

Teachers love it because we know it opens all areas of your body. Because you use two bars, you are pushing and pulling between two things. This creates length and opens the joints. It is not a beginner class. It is meant for someone who has a good sense of their abdominal connection and can understand direction as it’s a group session and sometimes moves quickly from exercise to exercise using the equipment.

Yeah, what is it about the scary looking equipment?

A Tower class is a combination of apparatus and non-apparatus work.
The machines are not difficult to master, despite the multitude of ways you can use them.

The Tower is a vertical unit which line the wall of our studio and each student in the Tower class sits at their own Tower, on a raised mat directly in front of it.  The Tower contains a variety of pieces or attachments—a roll-down bar, arm springs, leg springs, and a pull-through (or push-through) bar.

The springs allow us to use resistance providing additional challenge and tension to your core. We can honestly say that no matter what exercise you do on the Tower, it is 100% core based.

Oh yeah, that’s where the workout part comes in, am I right?

The instructor will use the Tower to focus on one area of the body at a time, making it easier to isolate muscle groups.

If you are curious, try it!

Ask at the studio if you would be ready for a Tower group class.

As our most popular group class, they are always booked out a few days in advance. Because it is hard to find something that works faster to open and lengthen your joints than work in a Tower class!

You can schedule yourself into the Tower class directly on our site:

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