Moving Through the Unknown: Wellness in the Midst of Continual Uncertainty

As we begin to transition out of quarantine and shelter at home and begin to dip our toes back into the activities that were considered “normal” prior to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, it can be scary, unsettling and confusing. Amidst all of the uncertainty, we can almost certainly say that we don’t know what we don’t know, what we can expect, or what this next period of time holds.

There are some activities that we may start going back to more gradually or with additional precautions, like getting a haircut while wearing a mask, or attending certain social activities according to personal comfort levels. There are other aspects of our life that may be altogether different than they were before – like the elimination of physical office space in favor of indefinite work from home.

All of these have an impact on our health, whether it is the need to more actively manage stress through uncertainty or a new set of needs that arise within the body based on a shifting lifestyle. For example, you may find that you need more movement after working from home more often and need to meet the needs of your body in new ways. The point that I’m leading up to is that the skills required to weather the uncertainty that we’re facing now are skills that we’ve been promoting in the studio since its founding: the ability to identify and reach to changes in the body and flow to respond to ever-evolving needs.

Even outside of the current circumstances that we’ve faced, health and the body’s needs change throughout a person’s life. Our lives and needs are constantly shifting and we must be nimble enough to be with our bodies and give them what they need.

So, how can you implement this idea into your life? Sit for a moment and think about what has changed in the past month and what your body needs today. It can also be helpful to employ the meditation technique of a “body scan,” where you look inward to evaluate how the body is feeling at this moment.

Looking ahead, be compassionate with yourself, and set the expectation to respond to changing needs instead of reacting. Be kind to yourself by tuning in to your body and giving it what it is asking for.

How have your wellness needs evolved over the past few months? Share your comments below.

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