Welcome to Spark Motion Body Studio.

We are excited you chose our studio to support your health and wellness goals. It is an important piece of working together to get to know more about you. Please drop us a note here. Let us know something about yourself and what you are looking to experience.If you have any questions, let us know. We are here to support your success in reaching your health and wellness goals.

Lesley Davenport and the Spark Motion Body Studio Team

Reach your Personal Goals

Each client holds the key to their own health and well being. It’s our job to help them know how to use the key to open the door and support that journey.

Balance your body with exercise

No 2 bodies are the same, your personal practice of this work is yours to build and craft. We all have areas that benefit from loosening and opening. Some parts of us benefit from contracting. Curious about what your unique session would be?

Experience joy in movement

Exercise was not designed to be a form of punishment. There, I said it.

I truly believe that when it comes to exercise, the way that we talk about it and think about it determines the results we receive from it.
However, I’ve observed that exercise brings out a lot of negativity in us.
Thinking negatively about your body, your abilities and your gifts is selling short the beautiful creation that you are. We all are designed to move and experience the joy of flow! I encourage you to re-evaluate your approach to movement and explore how different types of movement can bring out the feelings of energy, joy, creativity and release. This is the secret treasure inside of you. What jewels will you find today?

Pilates Day Pittsburgh 2022

Maintaining Flexible Mind & Body

Are you mentally and physically flexible- or as we like to say in the studio- agile enough to work with ease?