Your Body Your Home

Your Body Your Home

What do you think of when you think of home? A safe place, a place of comfort, perhaps a sense of connection or belonging. 

We have a home that we walk around in — and live in every day — our bodies. Our studio’s message for this year is Your Body Your Home. The body is incredibly versatile. The body can be beautifully maintained like a Stradiverius. It can be over-indulged, neglected or confused with mis-information. Sometimes our bodies simply need our attention. 

Your body needs you essentially. No one can care for it the way that you can. Our teaching team is comprised of certified exercise and bodywork teachers. We prefer teachers, not instructors, because we are teaching how to transfer this work to you. How does this become your personal practice? How do you combine these modalities to sustain and support your health. 

Your body needs you to decide if you want to be healthy or allow cultural beliefs to design your health status for you. Your body needs you to listen to it’s feedback when it is trying to tell you that enough is enough or if we are not getting enough of something. Your body is your home for all of you. 

I truly hope you’ll join us this fall at Spark Motion Body Studio to explore this topic and more. We look forward to meeting you and possibly working together.