Challenges are for Us

Have you ever talked to yourself like this in a workout or any other time? 

“This is my BAD shoulder, or this is my trouble hip, or I simply have a wonky knee, or I just have a BAD back. “


I hear these phrases daily in my professional life.How often do we catch ourselves talking to our own bodies like this? In my work, it”s almost daily for this experience. 

What does this mean anyway? Does it mean that your back, knee, hips, shoulders are expired? That they don’t function? Are they being recalled, like the parts on a machine that are made faulty? 


Does it mean that these areas actually need attention and a redirect? Does it mean that you need to unlearn a pattern of mis-use that shows up as “acting up” or BAD? Possibly. 


This idea of good and bad is a familiar one. Judgment coming from not only our own minds but from the feedback of others.  

Do we judge a part of our bodies for what it does not know? 

It happens. 

It happens regularly that we are coached, asked, taught, not to listen to our body language. I mean it sounds like a recipe for diaster doesn’t it? To listen to our body language would open a whole can of worms for many of us. Better to wait until we get home, better to avoid, better to not feel and push it away. 


I can see how we have arrived to “My bad knee or shoulder.We have avoided something, pushed through, preserved in challenges, broken ourselves in the trying. 


What choices do we have for those of us with 

The bad back, 

The wonky knee 

The leg that does not work 

The unstable shoulder?

What if the troublesome part of ourselves was there to teach us something?

In a movement training session, we acknowledge a different perspective. I have been heard to offer in sessions, “you don’t learn a darn thing from parts of your body that simply function and follow directions”.

You learn from the challenges

Give yourself some space and time to unlearn- because unlearning is part of this process also. Approach yourself as an amazing project, be curious about what you may not know how to do yet, you can always learn. 

Please love the parts of yourself for being hard to deal with.They are trying to teach you that challenges are opportunities if you can open your mind to the possibility.

Read that again. 

Your bad back, your knee, your hip, your shoulder are all presenting you with opportunities to discover what is needed to integrate that area into the rest of you. 

What you think- in this case say out loud- is where your body will go. Intentions are powerful things to tap into. What not choose languaging that matches where you want to go? 

Choose language that gives some help to yourself not a accusation or criticism.