Reasons to fall in Love with Pilates Mat Classes (Again)

Although this blog is a simple list of some of my favorite reasons that Mat work works, there are more, so many more. Movement with breath work and internal strength through the body? No wonder Pilates is one of the most popular forms of exercise out there. Bring on the Mat this winter/spring.

I am in love with Mat work again. Here is why.

  • You can get a full body workout in 25-30 minutes. It is helpful to be able to do a mini session when that’s all the time you have.
  • You can do it anywhere, anytime. I have done my mat work in some pretty strange places. I have memories of doing mat fundamentals in the middle of the night in my hospital room after delivering my son and in a tent during long camping trips.
  • There is no distraction from the apparatus. There is a learning curve for people doing Pilates with the apparatus. There is a lot to remember with using the apparatus and mat work provides an opportunity to focus solely on your body and the movement.
  • Doing mat work makes your body efficient and establishes a strong abdominal connection, priming you to get more benefit from apparatus work or warming you up for other athletic activities..
  • Mat classes are cost- effective. Mat classes provide opportunities for a wide range of clientele to take Pilates and reap the benefits. I have 2 gorgeous 70 year olds in my open level class that never miss. They have spent time in the studio to get a good understanding of the mat exercises. They move beautifully and take physical challenges with grace and control.
  • The order makes sense. There is wisdom to the sequence of the exercises. It works with how your body is put together and is satisfying to complete.
  • When you know what to apply and work in the exercises it is incredibly challenging.
  • Teaching and taking group Pilates is fun and supportive. People connect to each other in class. They are bonded by similar goals and can commiserate together over their struggles. It is sometimes helpful to try new things in a group as opposed to solo. Everyone is different.


Lesley Davenport