Moving Forward: We’ll Meet You Where You Are

Pilates Center of Pittsburgh COVID-19 ReopeningWe will meet you where you are.

This has always been an important part of our studio’s mission. From the beginning, I envisioned the studio serving people of all ages and needs to optimize their wellness and inform their life with the skills that come from these practices. The movement teaches us how to use what we have and improve – to make the most of what we have been given in our health. We accomplish soft tissue changes in our bodies. It teaches us agility and how to soften in areas we harden. It teaches us to trust, patience, and acceptance of the process.

As we all begin to venture outside of our homes, I feel called to share with our clientele that we will meet you where you are – literally AND figuratively. That is truly possible with the latest studio offerings that include both virtual and in-person formats. This work is more accessible than ever before. We thought it might be helpful for our clients to take a closer look at what the practice options really are:

Privates: In studio or in the privacy of your home
Imagine an hour where a teacher guides you through a series of exercises and handpicks a medley of material that matches you. Most clients don’t need to work on the things they do well- we need support to work through the things that aren’t easy or natural for us – but are good for us. The things we want to avoid. In a private session, all factors are taken into account, including where you are mentally, physically, and emotionally. A place to begin is established. Pilates and GYROKINESIS ® methods include many sequences of exercises, but not every exercise is for everybody. The work is impactful when it meets you where you are. In a private that is the intention. Which tool do we need for this client to get the correct movements in their body? The tools in your home and in the studio can be used to craft your workout.

Duets: In studio or in the privacy of your home
This session is the continuum of the privates or an opportunity of two people to simply have a wellness/fitness date. We like to say, grown-ups need recreation outside of eating and drinking. A class date is a great way for two people to spend time together doing something engaging and health-supportive. Again, tools needed can be chosen not randomly picked.

Group Sessions: In your home
The stay at home order was the creation of our online studio this spring. We have always had groups of course, but now we have an online studio that offers a medley of fitness/wellness sessions generated from the talents of our teaching staff. There is a strong community vibe in our open level classes and they work well for clients who enjoy participation within a group. The online sessions have proven to help our clients build a home practice of this work. This is the original vision Joseph Pilates had for humanity. People that would take responsibility for what they COULD direct in their health. Responsible and Resourceful people being their best selves. Our online virtual studio brings people together for guided practice. The classes are both inspired by the teacher’s own experiences AND taught thematically from the needs of the clients.

This is what we do and how we do it. Quality movement is a craft in itself.

How to Leverage the Studio’s Resources

In a perfect scenario (no money or time factors) we would have a client use a private session to get all the zest from the practice that we can in the studio and then later in the week the client would practice from home or join in on a lead practice with a teacher. This is ideal for various reasons:

  1. The work is a craft
  2. Its way too hard to remember how to do everything and your own personal correction
  3. Consistency is the way to change. You have to practice anything with some sort of regularity to receive the benefits it can hold. You may find yourself contracting and not wanting to be in-person scenarios and so the online option can be used or the opposite if you need more movement in your life then developing a home practice that’s more steady.

We hope this sheds light upon what our options are right now for current clients and potential clients. We hope you mix and match sessions to build your fitness/wellness practice.