Idea: Move with Us for 30 Days, Based on Your Terms

What’s the most powerful thing in the world?

An idea.

We hold many ideas in our minds regarding our health. We hold ideas about our bodies and capabilities – whether they are accurate or not. We tell ourselves we are fragile, consistent (or not), capable (or not), thin, heavy, just right, too heavy, strong, weak, fit tight, passive, tenacious, etc. The list of this can go and on.

We want to plant the idea (whether it is new or old) that you are in essence, imperfectly perfect.

You have a unique blueprint and design for vital health.

The tools to your health and wellbeing are available to you regardless of your position in life.

Our work gives you the HOW and WHAT you need to be agile, strong and develop stamina. This work leads to a balanced- in our purposes- uniformly developed- humans.

The process of becoming balanced in your body takes you deeper into knowing yourself. Your mind is enriched, opened and enhanced. A new perspective emerges. Ideas shift, change happens.

We invite you to join us in a 30 Day Challenge, a renewal if you will.

Our 30 Day Challenge is not a strict diet. It’s not a pricey program that falls away in February. It does not require an investment other than your time. It requires your desire, your want for something better for yourself.

Our 30 Day Challenge will ask you to move mindfully and to move well for 30 mins every day-for 30 Days.
It can be a constant flow of 30 mins in your chosen movement practice or small pieces of 5, 10 , 15 mins. through the day as your need. Some times, 5 and 10 minutes between sections of a day work much better for some people. Clients with intense work schedules or parents of small children, can really succeed with small bites of focus!

On Jan. 2 we resume with our regularly scheduled sessions. Over the next few weeks we will be adding to our schedule with new groups and new times for appointments.

We are with you for this challenge, literally! Here are some suggestions for making it work:

  • You could move with us daily if you prefer.
  • Take a group session to supplement your personal practice and request the recording to do on days you don’t have a session.
  • Use the studio’s YouTube to do little bites and pieces of the practice.
  • If you have a scheduled lesson (group or private) with us you can ask the teacher for homework. Then do it at home daily before getting out for a walk. The homework will give you tools to connect in your body/mind and get more out of the walk.
  • You can do a simple warmup in the morning before a day of physical work-caregiving (chores,cleaning,etc.) It will help you remember how to support those movements in an even way.

If you want to do this with us, here’s what to do next:
1. Email us directly with “Yes- I want to do this!!” Our staff will get in touch with you to help navigate solutions.
2. Choose what you will do today and record it in a notebook and log your movement choices today.
3. Do it! Enjoy those 30 mins (or more!) and actually have fun while it’s happening.

By the way, a 30 day challenge, or any change can take place at any time! Pick a time to start that works for your schedule. Efforts such as this don’t always have to start at a prescribed time, like the 1st of the month!