This work is loaded with Essentials we all need.

There are certain things we all need to be able to do with our bodies. 

The ability to stand,



Change levels, 

 Be at ease and do what life and our heart asks. 

Learning (or re-learning!) and practicing these skills regularly supports independent living for our seniors.

Here are some of our favorite essentials. 


Balance-  is the result of dynamic relationships within our bodies. This work cultivates not only our physical balance, but our mental and emotional skills as well. 

Decompression -alone is a huge contribution to our bodies. Pressure on certain joints leads us to not want to move or experience difficulties in moving. Developing the internal strength and agility to decompress the body takes this pressure off of our knees, hips, backs. 

Breathe well-The respiratory system functioning fully to offer support to our organs. Compressed and collapsed bodies stay like that until they have experiences of the other. If you don’t breathe well the organs don’t always get mobilized and get slumped around in the torso. Not enough motions leads to issues of those internal systems. Digestive, respiratory, lymphatic system . They all need motion and enough space in the body to the  flow. 

Strength- This is an easy one to feel in the work. Strength can be the ability to take more load or challenge, it can be the activation of your muscles, it can be the ability to respond. 

Agility- The Body is incredibly capable to be mobilized and develop agility with respect to the structural integrity of that person. 

Flow of fluids in the body is a huge component to our health. 

Be To find peace and comfort in the body. Your body is your home you walk around in everyday. Life is different when you are happy there. 


This work supports your ability to Do! And Go explore things you want to.