Comparison is the thief of Joy


Comparison is the thief of Joy

This topic has been in my mind a lot lately. It seems somehow to echo from our recovering perfectionism conversation weeks past. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been able to get comparison out of my mind for awhile now but occasionally it shows up when it’s not wanted.


 I view comparison as that person at a party that serves a purpose only in specific conversations. Conversations that would center on a review of analytical data/information, and then have spreadsheets ,research quotes and various proof items at their handy disposal. 


This thought- comparison -has too many limits on their perspective. They are only concerned with the history, the facts.Again, is that helpful? Yes, but not always. It is helpful when needed to make a choice about who, where, and what we involve ourselves in.Comparison also has to be really careful they don’t hang out with EGO too much ,or they become so annoying- opinionated and pompous.It can be hard to spend a simple moment at the party with them. 


You see, comparison only has value when its information is used to understand something  deeper, as needed when making a decision about something. 

But if comparison is paired with the wrong counterpart… oh heavens! Influenced by some kind of agenda- then watch out- comparison can become nasty, dark and steal the light away from someone before it is even received. So as for inviting comparison to that party- mm, maybe not as a regular, but perhaps a short visit to a decision making party. 


Why do I bring this up in our client resources? Because we often compare the body we have today to the body we had yesterday. For some, we may compare our movements to the person next to us in class. For even others, we may compare ourselves to the image of our teacher moving beside us or with us. 


There is no space in our practice and in our studio for comparison. It simply becomes an un welcome guest at your practice time- your body time. Your mental focusing and flow time- your time to receive and give within what you are capable of today. 


Again, you probably know this but in case the reminder is helpful. When we engage with comparison our movement to the past, except for reflection or making choices, it wastes precious brain energy and time that you do have. It takes you out of NOW and puts you into PAST. 

Client challenge- how many times per day do you think negatively about yourself or others? Self deprecating thoughts? 

Life robbers such as belly aching- envy- jealousy- fear of missing out ( FOMO), anxiety- 

Enjoy knowing that when you acknowledge comparison if you hear it knocking at that party door you can decide whether or not its helpful to let them into the party. 

Have a blessed December everyone. 


Lesley Davenport 

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