A Fathers Day Success Story with GYROKINESIS® Classes

Let me share a success story. 

My father, aged 68, is a dentist who operates a small private practice in a little town with two stop lights. He also devotes his time to his farm. My parents live on 160 acres as a lifestyle choice to foster their equestrian enthusiasm and activities. My dad noticed years ago how stiff he was becoming in his joints. His life is comprised of routines; working in an office routine, taking care of barn, land and animals – chore routines. Occasional play happens when his kids or grand kids drag him into something. He had a bad horse back riding accident a few months ago and fractured 10 ribs, two facets on his thoracic spine and had internal bleeding complications. He was hospitalized three times within 5 weeks: two long stays and one short one. His spirit brought him home and his mind is bringing his body back. 

My dad signed up for GYROKINESIS® classes a year and a half ago and he has become a believer. You see, my Dad is determined – stubborn even. He is open minded to things he witnesses are good, healthy and wonderful, but not because you tell him so. Like many people, he likes to decide for himself. He lives in a rural area and the attitude of the culture there is to not fix something that is not broken. Let’s say preventative health practices are not too popular. There’s no time made for them with all the care that the animals, land, homesteading, family and professional life needs demand. 

He has missed one session since his accident. Literally one. The one where he was lying in a hospital bed hooked up to oxygen. He knows he was lucky, he knows he could have died. We do too. A week after the accident, Dad said ” Can you work with me? I don’t know what I can do, but I want to try. “

We work slowly and peacefully to anchor his body into the ground and obtain some structural uprightness. He is able to work with what shows up in the day. He craves spinal motions, sometimes, uttering sound effects that I can relate to. He actually feels the spiral and motions in his hips. Our sessions came back with 30 mins of slow, purposeful intentional movement but it was just right. As a few weeks passed his workout naturally expanded to accommodate his evolving desires and needs. He is mending, bit by bit, in his body and in his mind. He is a shining example of what is possible if you simply want it. 

My Dad wants to live and he wants to be out of pain. He is willing to put the effort in and learn how and what to do. And I am the lucky teacher who gets to witness the transformation and nurture that desire he has. 

Take care of your parents people- there is something really special in there for us to learn. 

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