Is the GYROKINESIS® Method a good fit for your fitness needs?


You might have heard about our newest offering of the GYROKINESIS® Method and may be wondering whether or not you are a good fit? In this post, we’ll discuss who can most benefit from this work.

The short answer is this: anyone can benefit from this work! I admit, however, that this is a broad answer and still doesn’t tell you whether or not it is a good fit for you. So, for starters, you might benefit from the Method and the GYROTONIC® Method if…

You are a person who wants to feel and move your personal best. 

This is for everyone, but I’m referring to the average person that simply wants to wake up every morning and go about their day with energy, fluidity, and ease. If you want to live a good life and feel great while you’re at it, GYROKINESIS® exercises provide a way to teach your body to walk, sit and stand more efficiently.

You are an athlete working to create balance in the body. Whether you are working to develop your athletic skill set or support key areas, based on a weakness or athletic goals, GYROKINESIS® exercises are a precise way to target balance within the body.

You are reconnecting with your body after a trauma or injury. 

Reconnecting to our bodies after trauma or injuries is its own special area. These clients need to know they can re-gain and connect again.

You are expecting a child. Expecting a child is an athletic feat of itself. Body, heart, and soul are all affected through the journey of parenting and on into the challenges of the early years. Moms need this as much and a bit more now as their bodies grow and shift to accommodate the new life they are creating.

You are a child! Know thyself, love thyself. Teaching a child to know their body, love what they can do and work on what’s hard for them offers volumes of knowledge in itself. A child doing this work directly enables love to grow within them more. What better gift could we give them?

Do you identify with any of these? In the coming months, we’ll take a deep dive into each of the scenarios listed above, stay tuned.