Fall Checklist for Health & Wellness

We, at the studio, truly hope you are well. I used to write this phrase and not think about it but now it means something different to me. We hope you are well: whole in health, body, brain and soul. This is our “why” for everything we do in the studio. We know that a refreshed connection to your core (your internal strength) gives you mental clarity and physical space. We also experience that this refreshed connection brings resilience. Decisions and (what to do) become more natural to find and become less overwhelming. Now that we have transitioned to a fall,  we thought it was good to share ideas of making the most of your fitness activities. The cooler weather is coming, so a little preparation and creativity on your end will go a long way to getting healthy or maintaining health and  living well (truly well!) this fall.

Our Fall Checklist for Wellness

#1: Move more!

Do you have enough movement in your day? It is proven through research that we need to move in different ways in order to make the most of our human design. Mix up the activities in your day so your body is getting different types of motion. A daily walk along with a full body workout or a restorative class (massage, release work, or somatic type of thing) with quick reflex movement as well. We need activities that stabilize or ground us, ones that expand ourselves and nourish, ones that challenge us to respond a little quicker.

#2: Find a time to workout that works for you.

Is your movement time working for you logistically? Are you better at 6 am when your mind is clear than at 7 pm when you are tired and have not closed off tasks for the day yet? Make the switch to what you need, it will be great for both the teacher and yourself.

#3: Tap into our community.

Do you get more from being with others? I do. We need each other to walk the road of health and well together. If we think that we are going to do it by ourselves, all by ourselves we will most likely have to give up at some point. It is depleting to carry the tough stuff solo. You are not designed to be an island! If you need more of the social aspects of a wellness practice, take our group class! Even an online class has the sense of being part of a group. Working together with a teacher and other students is a collaborative exchange of energy.  On tough days, this can pull you through the rough spots. My good friend calls it “peer power” when the group helps you stretch your mind and try things that you considered beyond your options. Low and behold look at what you can do now.

#4: Decide you want more.

Is your health where you would like it to be? Mentally, physically, spiritually? Making a change here does not require fancy purchases or huge time allotments but it does require you to decide to want something more for yourself. If your wellness and happiness seems to have taken a back seat to other priorities, it might be time to change course.

#5: Maximize your home practice.

If you love hopping into your group workout via home or plan on adding in other workouts because of less outdoors time here are some tips for maximizing your home practice space:

  • Try to find an area that’s quiet and some place you can shut out other stimulus, such as a bedroom, corner, basement, or deck (weather permitting).
  • Clear out the space to make room for a floor mat and be sure that you are able to move your arms and legs around in a full range of motion.
  • It can be nice to put a token on the wall or an item in your space that has meaning to you, such as a symbol of your why. It helps to keep motivation up when you aren’t feeling it or when your mind is getting pulled in different directions.

#6: Use your resources!

The studio has people who care about making your wellness practices work for you. Any aspect of training from the logistical, technical or referrals for  additional therapies, we can help you. We are happy to be part of your wellness team.

#7: Upgrade your tools.

Props and home materials are available in our studio or online for purchase, contact us to learn more.

We hope this gave you some things to consciously think about. We need enough movement, joy, and each other in our lives.