Maria Cossu


Maria’s lifelong passion for physical fitness lead her to find the benefits of Pilates a perfect fit for her needs. Maria has always had an appreciation for the balance of strength and flexibility.  After years of tight shoulders, she found the openings, strength and flexibility in her body that she was looking for. Pilates helped her alleviate her own joint and muscle problems.  Her quest for a deeper understanding led her to receive her Mat I, Mat II and Systems Level I Certification with Power Pilates in 2019. Maria will continue on to Level II Systems this year in 2020.

Her diverse background (undergraduate in Physics and a Masters in Information Science) enables her to understand the body and its motion through space and time and the effects of energy and force.  For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

As a teacher of movement, Maria strengthens the importance of our physical constraints to movement and ways that we can maximize force production in the body for improved ease and efficiency.
It continues to amaze her how the disciplines of the Pilates method carry over in all aspects of her life.  As a mother of twin young children, Maria understands how challenging it can be to find time for exercise (especially when sleep-deprived) and has found Pilates a gentle and effective way to recover from childbirth and those early postpartum months. The carry-over into everyday life and even the weight-lifting that has been a huge part of her lifestyle the last few years is what makes Maria a lover of Pilates and she is excited to share this with you.

Main interests

  • Enjoy cooking, swimming
  • Parenting and family
  • Reading
  • Faith and Spirituality


Help my students learn, grow, improve their lives by reaching a higher level of physical, emotional, and cognitive performance. Discover what is possible along with the clients. Share the vitality,  the freedom in movement in the name of walking, standing up, and moving, share the creativity and clarity of this work at every level.

Maria teaches

Pilates Method privates and groups

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